Welcome to the Writefix Argument Essay site. Here you can read sample argument essays and follow some simple steps for organizing your writing.



About this site

This site was written as an assignment for a University of Southern Queensland online course. You can find more information about USQ's excellent online courses here.

My idea came from Bill Daly's excellent Argumentative Writing site.

I wanted to put together a similar site but aimed at non-native speakers. with simpler language and shorter essays, particularly targeting intermediate IELTS and TOEFL students.

How to use this site

The essays can be used by themselves (go to Essays) or you can try to write your own from a list of topics

If you have time, the best thing to do is to start at the beginning, and go step by step through the procedure for writing an argument essay.

About Me

My name is Enda Tuomey, and I teach English at a college in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, a small country in the Arabian Gulf. I have been teaching for about 27 years in Ireland, Zimbabwe and Saudi Arabia. I like computers, playing music, and traveling.

If you would like to send essays (I will credit you!) or make suggestions, please email me.