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This page has model argument essays. 

Argument essays

Animal Testing: Should we use animal testing for medicine, cosmetics, chemicals and food products? 

  1. Animal Testing 1  267 words, simple 3773 layout

  2. Animal Testing 2  311 words, 35553 layout

  3. Animal Testing 3 321 words, longer essay, more balanced

Education: Many people now have degrees. Does this make a degree less important?

  1. Education is becoming less important (313 words, 35553 layout)

  2. Education is becoming less important (376 words)

  3. Education is still very important (339 words, 3773 layout)

Dangerous Sports: Should sports such as boxing and motor-racing be banned?

  1. Should dangerous sports be banned? Yes!

  2. Should dangerous sports be banned? No!

Other Topics

  1. Will telecommuting change the world?

  2. Should Rich Countries help poorer countries?

  3. Do Small Children learn more quickly than adults?

  4. Should smoking be banned?

  5. Does a university education lead to success in life?

  6. Are security cameras taking away our privacy?

  7. Should governments spend money on art? (Long essay)

  8. Should governments spend money on art? (short essay)

  9. Should people be forced to retire at 65?

  10. Is Home Schooling (Teaching children at home) the right choice?

Physical Punishment of Children: Should parents smack, slap or hit their children to correct misbehavior?

  1. Should we beat children? Maybe!

  2. Should we beat children? No!



Problem and Solution Essays

The layout of a problem and solution essay is almost the same as an argument essay. Have a look at these two.

  1. Why are drugs becoming a problem?

  2. Why do many students drop out of school?

Organizing Argument Essays

  1. Five Steps: Step 1: How To Write Argument Essays

  2. Step 2: Vocabulary

  3. Step 3: Ideas

  4. Step 4: Layout of argument essays

  5. Step 5: Write!

    1. Two sides of an argument

    2. Dominoes: Developing your ideas

    3. Fragments, Run-Ons, and Comma Splices




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